October 30, 2008

Hey everybody,

I’m now in Lawton, Oklahoma after a 16 hour drive from South Carolina (a personal best so far). I’ll be shooting the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge for the next few days before I depart for Texas. Fall color is beginning to show up around here, but that’s not my main focus here. There are Bison, Elk, White Tailed Deer, Prairie Dogs, and a plethora of Bird life (raptors everywhere!) The forecast is for clear skies over the next seven days, so I very well may be limited to just wildlife, which is fine by me!

Here’s a shot I got this morning of a Black Tailed Prairie Dog. I didn’t have a map of the refuge when I showed up at first light, so I winged it, and was lucky to come across this Prairie Dog town. Man, these guys (and girls) are fun to photograph. I was also able to photograph Eastern? and/or Western? Meadowlark with the Prairie Dogs. I’m having a hard time with the ID.

Also, I thought this was cool… Here’s a Google Map of the drive I did.