Fall Foliage, Green Mountains National Forest, Vermont

October 22, 2009

Hey everybody,

I figure I’ll share an additional photo as I’m processing my shots from this trip. The fall foliage was really amazing during the first week of October up in the Green Mountains. There were plenty of reds, oranges, yellows, and not a whole lot of green.


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Moss Glen Falls, Deer Hollow Brook, Granville Reservation, Green Mountains National Forest, Vermont

October 14, 2009

Hey everybody,

Last week, I spent time with Chris Kayler and Joe Rossbach photographing fall foliage in the Green Mountains of Vermont! The color was excellent up there, and it rained just about every day, providing almost perfect conditions for photographing the colorful foliage, rushing streams, and beautiful waterfalls that the Green Mountains are so famous for having.

Here’s a shot I made on a rainy day at Moss Glen Falls. Moss Glen Falls is truly one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve had the chance to photograph so far. I spent hours and hours there photographing it from every possible angle I could come up with. Here’s a favorite.


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To purchase a print or stock rights, please contact me. Feel free to view more of my work at my website.

Sunset over the Plott Balsams, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

March 5, 2009

…and the processing continues! Here’s a shot I made during late October in North Carolina. I shot the sunset somewhere else, and it was pretty uneventful. I was driving back to my campsite when I realized there were some clouds blowing in, and that there was still a good bit of color in the sky. I set up my gear and this 60-second exposure was one of a dozen I pulled off before the light was too low.


Monongahela Sunrise #2

February 14, 2009

Hey everybody,

Here’s the other shot from the morning with Joe. It’s amazing how many different views and perspectives one can obtain from one overlook. There wasn’t a whole lot of fall color up there, but the color that was present was really vibrant due to the leaves being mostly backlit.


Monongahela Sunrise

February 13, 2009

Hey everybody,

I’m still working my butt off to process these files and get up to date! Here’s an image from a sweet sunrise I shared with Joe Rossbach this past October in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia. This particular overlook is one of my favorites. On this day, we were treated to some awesome valley fog, thanks to a very slight temperature inversion. This image doesn’t show off a whole lot of Autumn color in the mountains, but I still feel like it’s one of my favorites. In my next post, I’ll show you a different shot from the same morning.


Two more Wood Ducks

February 12, 2009

Sorry for my recent lack of updates. I’ve been super busy. Here are the last two Wood Ducks i’ll post here for a long time, I promise!



Wood Duck in Autumn Reflections

January 29, 2009

…another Wood Duck from Ohio!


Wood Duck Drake in Autumn Reflections

January 26, 2009

Who doesn’t like Wood Ducks? They are definitely among the most unique looking North American birds, and a personal favorite to photograph. Even if you’re not into birds, they’re just awesome looking ducks.

In the second week of October last year, I traveled to Cleveland, OH to photograph Wood Ducks. There’s a park that’s a few miles east of the city where Wood Ducks are extremely tame, and have even been known to eat corn from people’s hands. Going in peak autumn color makes for some very unique and interesting photo ops. As you can see here, by standing higher then I normally would for photographing waterfowl, I am able to photograph the Wood Duck with the reflections of the autumn trees on the water. Here’s one of a few I’m going to share with you.


Lost Land Falls Panoramic, Potomac State Forest, Maryland.

January 25, 2009

Hey everybody,

…the photo processing continues! Looks like weather will prevent me from getting out to Barnegat Light this week. Maybe I’ll try West Virginia if the snow forecast takes a turn for the better… We’ll see. I have to get out and shoot SOMETHING, though.

Anyway, I’ve been having a bit of fun with these autumn panos. Here’s one of Lost Land Falls, from the Potomac State Forest, just outside of Oakland, Maryland. This is an extremely photogenic set of falls and I think I like the 67 megapixel pano treatment here. Let me know if you disagree, though. I’m still not too sure about this one.


Mirror Pond Reflection #2, Canaan Valley State Park, West Virginia

January 24, 2009

…Another from Mirror Pond.


Mirror Pond Reflection #1, Canaan Valley State Park, West Virginia

January 23, 2009

Since I’ve been back, I have probably put 10-15 hours into processing the photos from my journey, and I’m only through with six days of shooting. It’s definitely a good thing I like this part too. I haven’t been able to dive into it the way I’d like, however, because I have to study for my SAT on Saturday. I’m not looking forward to it!

I’m going to be posting images from my long trip for the next few months, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be getting out to shoot as well. I’m going to get out to Barnegat Light, New Jersey for a day or two next week to photograph waterfowl and whatever else comes around.

Here’s one of over 200 images I shot at Mirror Pond on this incredible rainy morning. The color of the leaves was just fantastic. I made some of my favorite autumn images of the year from this location.


Fall Foliage Pano

January 22, 2009

Hey everybody,

I don’t do these too often, but here’s a pano I shot back in West Virginia at the beginning of last October. Chris and I returned to these woods multiple times, in just about all imaginable light conditions: overcast, rainy, backlit, and directly lit. This image in particular was shot in bright overcast conditions, which, besides thick fog, are my favorite conditions to photograph fall foliage scenes.

This is a stitch of about 8 vertical images. It’s approximately 12000×5000 in size. Click the image to see it a bit larger than I’d usually post on here.


Early Autumn in Canaan Valley, WV

January 21, 2009

Hey guys,

Here’s one from Canaan Valley, WV. The fall color out there was ridiculous. I’ve never seen anything like it, to be honest. The reds, especially… They were just unbelievable. I’ve enjoyed this shot because I feel like it shows the entire progression of Autumn, minus the barren limbs that occur afterward. It almost seems to fade from green to yellow, yellow to orange, then from orange to red. This makes for a very “complete” autumn image, if there ever was such a thing.


Still in Oklahoma

November 3, 2008

Hey all,

I didn’t have any chance to get on the net yesterday due to the fact that photography and the NFL seem to control most of my actions these days. I’m going to be out here in OK until the 5th. The Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge is a gem that is just waiting to be discovered by other photographers. The diversity of wildlife in combination with the great scenery makes for a place any photographer could easily spend a week at. Which is what I’m doing, haha. I’ve been shooting wildlife when the sky is clear, and shooting landscapes when there are clouds.

So, the night before last, a few hours before sunset, I saw my first cloud in the sky for the entire time I’ve been here. I made my way up to the top of Mt. Scott and found a beautiful spot with potholes and peak fall foliage. The clouds stuck around, and it was quite the show. I shot some shots with the sun in them, and some of just the potholes and foliage, but I feel like this photograph is the most complete, and the most well composed of them all.

I will be shooting today, tomorrow, and the next morning before meeting up with my dad and making the drive down to South Texas.

Winter pays a visit to the Blue Ridge

October 29, 2008

Hey everyone, here’s a long one!

This morning was AWESOME! Forecasts were calling from ¬†anything between a dusting of snow to two inches. There were four inches when I woke up at my campsite! I was up at about 6000ft on Black Balsam Knob, which is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. They usually close the parkway when any substantial snow falls, so my thought was that I’d rather get locked in, as opposed to locked out. I don’t say this often, but man, was that a good idea!

I woke up and found a note under my windshield wiper teling me that the parkway was closed, and instructing me as to which gate was left unlocked for me to exit. So, I had a six mile stretch of the parkway that was available for me to shoot, and I made the most of it until the light was too harsh.

The foliage up there was past peak for the most part, but I managed to find a few good spots. Here’s one of a couple I really like from the shoot. I was shooting this particular location for over an hour and a half. I’d compose an image, and then wait for the wind/snow to blow in just the right direction.

I’m on my way to Fort Payne, Alabama right now. I have to be in McAllen, Texas on the 6th. it looks like the south end of the Blue Ridge is going to have some amazing color this fall, but I don’t think its going to happen for another 10-15 days. So, instead of shooting in summer-like conditions and being bummed that I’m not getting peak foliage, I’m going to head on over to Arkansas and Oklahoma and shoot there for the next week.

In the Smokies

October 26, 2008


I’m now in Gatlinburg, TN, grabbing some wi-fi. The fall foliage is not so hot around here, with most areas past peak, green with high amounts of leaf drop, or just simply green! I don’t anticipate staying in this area for too long, but I should stay for a few days and see what the forecasted cold nights will do, as it’s supposed to be in the 20’s a few nights in a row. I think the leaf drop over here has been too great for the color to be very good, though. I’m hoping to catch some good color around the Linville Gorge, which was just starting to turn when I visited last week. I’m also hoping to catch some decent color around southern parts of the state, and even into South Carolina/Georgia before I have to be in Texas on November 7th.

I’m toying with the idea of calling it quits on the Blue Ridge around Nov 1st, and going to shoot somewhere closer to Texas. Maybe the Ozarks, or maybe even the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma (there’s a Buffalo herd in the refuge out there, which would be pretty cool to photograph.) Let me know if you have any ideas!

Here’s a photograph I made from Black Balsam Knob, NC on the morning of the 23rd. I wouldn’t typically compose an image like this, but I feel like it worked in this instance.

Road update + American Black Duck Preening

October 23, 2008

Hey everybody. It’s been a while since I last posted on here! I’ve been super busy shooting and scouting out here in the Blue Ridge/Smokies. This is my first visit to this area, and it has been amazing so far. The foliage has been anything but predictable, and I’ve really had to search hard to find the best spots to shoot. I guess you could say that the conditions are making things pretty interesting. As I write this, from Gatlinburg, TN, almost all of the trees in town are still green! However, things are coming along a bit more nicely around the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Asheville and Brevard. It looks like I’ll be getting some rainy days tomorrow and the next day, so I’ll be working hard to get as many of the higher elevation waterfalls as I can!

Anyway, here’s an image from Ohio. I believe this is a Female American Black Duck, but I’m not 100% certain. As some of you know, I enjoy photographing birds, but I don’t know a whole lot about them. My idea is that I should focus on one particular aspect of bird photography, so I’m going to make Waterfowl a significant project of mine for this winter once I get home.

More from the Monongahela National Forest

October 19, 2008

Well, I’m still in North Carolina, and shooting, but here’s one from over two weeks ago in West Virginia. I overlooked it at first, and it’s really growing on me. I have to keep this blog post short and sweet because I’m low on time, so, that’s it!

Sunset on Bear Rocks

October 18, 2008

This sunset I photographed about a week ago was really nice. There was color in the sky almost 360 degrees around! I was scrambling around like a madman in attempts to photograph the scene as well as possible. Check out these two shots I made within five minutes of each other. If you had to pick one, which would it be, and why?

Sunset at Pendleton Point

October 16, 2008

Sorry I haven’t been posting so much lately. I’ve been shooting Fall color in West Virginia and Western Maryland. My Mother and Girlfriend both visited me as well, at separate times, so I have had little to no computer time. I’m currently in Flatwoods, West Virginia grabbing some wi-fi on a quick break from driving. I’m headed south, to shoot for a day or two in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Virginia before heading for NC/TN.

Here’s a photograph I made a few days back at Pendleton Point in Blackwater Falls State Park, WV. It was a perfectly clear day and these clouds rolled in about thirty minutes before sunset. I’d call it one of the best sunsets I’ve photographed. Probably even top 5. I just love how vibrant the foliage was in the canyon.