Coyote- Pt. 5

January 10, 2009

Keeping a watchful eye on the others..


Coyote- Pt. 4

January 10, 2009

The defeated one, as it is walking away.20090106_01871

Coyote Chase- Pt. 3

January 10, 2009

And the next…


Coyote Chase- Pt. 2

January 10, 2009

Next photo…20090106_0020

Coyote Chase- Pt. 1

January 10, 2009

Hey everybody,

I’ve made it to Ohio. His bird-ness Sir Matthew Studebaker has been kind enough to let me crash at his place tonight. We’re getting something like a foot of snow here in the next 24 hours, so I’m going to go out shooting waterfalls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It should be nice to get to shoot some falls with a fresh coat of snow! I’m also going to try my hand at a pair of Hairy Woodpeckers that have been hanging around Matthew’s feeders. Hopefully that will work out too. After a quick visit across the border tomorrow, I’ll finally be headed home!

Anyway, here’s the first of a few shots I made of there two Coyotes. I found them in the Lamar Valley area of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. One of their friends had been attacked and killed by wolves just a few moments before. The one in the back was clearly unhappy with the other, and they fought it out for a little bit! It was truly spectacular to witness this.


Wile E. Coyote and a giant bite from an Ant!

November 1, 2008

Hey everyone,

I’m currently at a Mexican Restaurant in Lawton, OK, as usual, grabbing some wi-fi. Things have been pretty interesting both yesterday and today.

I was out photographing prairie dogs last night at a new favorite spot of mine, and about an hour before sunset, a Coyote came through. It was looking for a snack, if you know what I mean. Now, Coyotes are very common out here, but I was excited to see and photograph one anyways. It basically made a half circle around me, cruising through the prairie dog town, looking for dinner. I had my tripod down low, and I was trying to maintain a low profile to make sure I didn’t spook it. A truck began to head back in the direction that it came from, so I followed, staying low, and trying not to bother it too much. After about 15 minutes (which felt like forever at the time,) the Coyote came back, and went the other direction. I was able to photograph it in front light, sidelight from both sides, and then backlight, which made for a very complete feeling experience.

Now, while this was going on, I had to keep a low perspective, for my photographs to have a better perspective, and to make sure I didn’t bother the Coyote. At one point, I felt ants crawling up my leg, so I had to get up and shake them off, which I thought nothing of at the time. I awoke in my tent this morning to find a dime-sized bubble on the side of my leg, and it was filled with liquid. I’ll spare you from having to see the picture. I called my dad, who spoke with a friend of his that is a Doctor, and he said that I had better go to the ER to get it tested, because it could be Staph. The Doctor informed me that I had been bitten by a huge ant, and that it was nothing to worry about. I almost couldn’t believe it! An ant bite caused this huge bubble on my leg. How interesting.

Anyway, here are a few shots of the Coyote. And if you wanted to see a picture of the leg-bubble, I regret to inform you that I will not be posting it on here. Feel free to click on the images to see them larger, and in a new window.