Northern Hawk Owl in flight over snowy field, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

August 6, 2009

Hey everybody,

I’m making a serious effort to get some content up on this blog regularly. I’m currently playing catch-up, and still working through most of my images from late winter/spring. Back in February, I went up to Canada and shot with my friend Greg Schneider. One of the many birds we found was this Northern Hawk Owl in Ottawa.


Barred Owl staring me down

April 13, 2009

Here’s another from my great time with the Barred Owls!


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Update+Barred Owls

April 12, 2009

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the lack of updates. A lot has happened since my last post on here, including but not limited to: Burrowing Owls, Barred Owls, awesome Roseate Spoonbills, and unfortunately, the death of a D300! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I’m feeling rather lazy and in a hurry.

Anyway, here’s the camera story. I was out photographing on the north beach lagoon in Fort DeSoto State Park. The shutter mechanism on my D300 went nuts and somehow broke while I was using it, which was horrible within itself. Obviously I wasn’t happy with that, and I began to walk back to the car to grab my backup body. While I was walking back, I tripped and fell, sending my D300 to its watery demise. I guess it happens to everybody at some point… Right?

Here are two images I took while going after a pair of Barred Owls in Everglades National Park. I have Paul Marcellini to thank for telling me about the location. As luck would have it, he and Rick Gomez showed up and we had a good ol’ time trudging through the swamp.


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Oh yeah, and Happy Easter if you celebrate it.

Snail Kites!

April 8, 2009

Hey everybody,

Florida is awesome so far. Here’s an image of a female Snail Kite from Lake Kissimmee. This bird is endangered in Florida and I’ve been told biologists have concluded that there are under 900 of them left. Anyhow, I had a blast photographing them, and I hope to get back again before I leave in search of a nice looking male.

Anyhow, this fine lady had just finished consuming an Apple Snail, and just took off from her perch to go find another one.

Lady Snail Kite
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Crested Caracara, McAllen, Texas

March 6, 2009


This was one of many Crested Caracara from the Rio Grande Valley, or RGV. No wonder this place is a birding and bird photography hotspot.


More of the Great Gray Owl

February 23, 2009

Hey everybody,

Here’s another one of the Great Gray Owl I photographed in Ottawa. Once it landed on it’s prey, it would sit there for a few minutes, and would allow us to get pretty close. Before re-positioning myself to shoot the bird taking off back to it’s perch, I would try to capture a few static shots. For this particular shot, I laid down on my stomach for a super-low angle in order to show the falling snow against the darker background.


Anyway… Here’s my quick story. My super-warm leather and fur mad bomber hat was getting in the way a bit while trying to get flight shots of the owl. I casually tossed it a few feet behind me, and the owl instantly swooped down, snatched it, and flew off to the woods. He didn’t come out for the next fifteen or twenty minutes. Who knows what he did with my hat. Anyway, this image should give you an idea for what I saw as I bid farewell to my hat.


Great Gray Owl flying in snow

February 21, 2009

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. We’ve been really busy between the birds and driving. Amherst Island was a bit of a bust, but we’ve had great luck around Ottawa and Algonquin Provincial Park. I have tons to share over the next few days, but here’s a shot of a Great Gray Owl in the snow. I now love shooting birds in flight when it’s snowing. Also, I have an interesting story about this owl which I will share with you all in my next post.


Kestrel up close!

February 16, 2009

Hey guys,

I completely forgot to talk about it on here, but I’m currently in Hamilton, Ontario, staying with Greg Schneider and his incredibly hospitable family. I had wanted to get back up here this winter, as my previous visit was only twelve hours long. Anyhow, we went out today to a place known for having good raptors to photograph. We set out, hoping to find a Red-tailed Hawk, Great Horned Owl, or Saw-whet Owls, but instead we found this amazing American Kestrel that did not seem to be afraid of us at all. Tomorrow we’re heading east towards Amherst Island and Ottawa. Hopefully we’ll find some owls!


Crested Caracara

November 13, 2008

Hey everybody,

Here is a photograph of a Crested Caracara, who is eyeing up a hunk of deer meat that I strategically placed on the ground. I set up this perch hoping to photograph the Caracara and Harris’ Hawks with a clean background, and it worked!


Birds in the Rio Grande Valley

November 9, 2008

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. I haven’t had any chances to get on the computer. Today is my third and final day of photographing at John and Audrey Martin’s Javelina Ranch, and it has been absolutely awesome. I greatly underestimated the biodiversity of this area. I don’t have too long, as I’m heading out for my evening shoot. I have a lot more to say, and I’ll post again in a day or two.

Here’s a Sharp-Shinned Hawk that landed on a perch I set up next to a permanent blind on the Javelina Ranch.