Hey everybody,

I’m now in Lawton, Oklahoma after a 16 hour drive from South Carolina (a personal best so far). I’ll be shooting the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge for the next few days before I depart for Texas. Fall color is beginning to show up around here, but that’s not my main focus here. There are Bison, Elk, White Tailed Deer, Prairie Dogs, and a plethora of Bird life (raptors everywhere!) The forecast is for clear skies over the next seven days, so I very well may be limited to just wildlife, which is fine by me!

Here’s a shot I got this morning of a Black Tailed Prairie Dog. I didn’t have a map of the refuge when I showed up at first light, so I winged it, and was lucky to come across this Prairie Dog town. Man, these guys (and girls) are fun to photograph. I was also able to photograph Eastern? and/or Western? Meadowlark with the Prairie Dogs. I’m having a hard time with the ID.

Also, I thought this was cool… Here’s a Google Map of the drive I did.


4 Responses to Oklahoma!

  1. Kari Post says:

    Hey Alex,

    It looks like you are having a great trip. I would really love to do a photography road trip one day. Traveling across the country shooting nature and wildlife must be just awesome! You’re getting some wonderful shots along the way. Keep up the good work and keep your blog updated so Chris and I can check your progress!

  2. Ethan Meleg says:

    Hey Alex,
    We must both be crazy, living on the road for extended photo trips. Looks like you’re having a great time and getting some real stunners! Love the prairie dog shot….. they’re so much fun to photograph!
    Keep up the good work and safe travels.

  3. modyphoto says:

    Hey Kari,

    Thanks for stopping by yet again. I say you should do it! Do it while you’re still young and before you get married/have kids or something like that, haha. I bet you and Chris could even do it. When you think about his Nissan’s great MPG, and then factor in that you’d split the gas costs, it wouldn’t be so expensive at all, provided that you’re camping and eating cheap.

    It has been tough processing on a laptop screen though, because I don’t really have any idea about color. I appreciate your saying that I’m getting some good stuff, as I can be overly critical at times.

  4. modyphoto says:


    Being crazy has got to be a good thing. This is such a personally rewarding experience. I would have never guessed how many interesting things I’ve come across at just a third of the way through. Also, you’re right. The prairie dogs are so much fun, and this was my first time photographing them.

    Safe travels to you as well, and I hope you keep up the good work and get some great stuff in Zion!

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