R.B. Ricketts Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania

June 16, 2009

Hey everybody,

On my way home from Maine, thanks to the rainy weather, I stopped by Ricketts Glen State Park, in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Thanks to tons of precipitation having come through in the few days before my visit, I was treated to some beautiful conditions. The forest and ground were just saturated with moisture, and the water in the streams was up considerably high. Ricketts Glen is the kind of place where I feel like it’s almost impossible to come up with any good photographs unless there is high water. Below is an image I took at R.B. Ricketts Falls, alongside Glen Leigh.

On a different note, in Shenandoah National Park the White-tailed Deer fawns have been dropping in full force, and I have just got to get up there this week to photograph them!


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