Maine Day 3: Black-throated Green Warbler in breeding plumage, Acadia National Park, Maine

June 5, 2009

Hey everybody,

You know what? I really like doing an entry every day when I’m on multiple day outings. I don’t really like having to try to process images on my laptop, but I enjoy taking the time each evening to write one of these up.

Anyhow, today was a pretty good day. There was no dramatic light to be witnessed at sunrise nor sunset. All day long, there was a thin layer of high altitude clouds that basically acted as a diffuser for the sun. So, naturally, only one thing was on my mind. SONGBIRDS ALL DAY! I didn’t have the best luck with them today, but the ones that worked were amazing. I found this Black-throated Green Warbler that was a blast to work with. With all honesty, I probably got 5-8 keeper images of him today. Here’s one that was simple enough to process on the laptop.


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