male Common Yellowthroat

Hey everybody,

I’ve been shooting a lot this spring, but it has been almost exclusively landscapes. I haven’t been giving bird and wildlife subjects too much time lately. So, I took a visit to Huntley Meadows in Alexandria, Virginia, where I photographed this striking male Common Yellowthroat. I have very little experience shooting songbirds and warblers, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can do over the next few weeks.


3 Responses to male Common Yellowthroat

  1. Josh Gahagan says:

    This is an awesome start Alex. Great light and background in this one.

  2. Awseome shot for someone who claims having little experience! Im looking foward to your next warbler shot, you have set the bar pretty high with this one 😉

  3. Alex Mody says:


    Thanks. I’m gonna focus on it a lot over the next few weeks.


    Thank you as well. I guess I could revise that statement. I don’t have much experience shooting songbirds, warblers especially, but I do have an okay understanding of the technical aspects of how to make a decent bird on a stick shot. I hope that statement doesn’t make me sound cocky, haha. I doubt I can top this, though. Not this year.

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