Colorado National Monument sunset

Hi folks,

Yet another one from my lengthy trip. I’m almost done catching up with the processing! Here’s one I shot from the Colorado National Monument, near Grand Junction, CO. I got up there just as a snowstorm was moving out, and was treated to this wonderful view at sunset.


Please click the above image to view larger.

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3 Responses to Colorado National Monument sunset

  1. Chris Kayler says:

    Wow man. What a scene! Great shot. My only nit is that I wish the bottom bush wasn’t cut off. It works, but I would also like to see other comps as well.

  2. Laurent says:

    Beautiful country up there! This really imbues the feeling of vastness.

  3. Alex Mody says:

    Yeah, it sure does. The crazy part is that you’re looking at Grand Junction out in the distance, and that this is only a 30 minute drive from there. I had made big plans for a sunset hike, but the clouds had other things in mind and I ended up just shooting this from the side of the road!

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