Update+Barred Owls

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the lack of updates. A lot has happened since my last post on here, including but not limited to: Burrowing Owls, Barred Owls, awesome Roseate Spoonbills, and unfortunately, the death of a D300! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I’m feeling rather lazy and in a hurry.

Anyway, here’s the camera story. I was out photographing on the north beach lagoon in Fort DeSoto State Park. The shutter mechanism on my D300 went nuts and somehow broke while I was using it, which was horrible within itself. Obviously I wasn’t happy with that, and I began to walk back to the car to grab my backup body. While I was walking back, I tripped and fell, sending my D300 to its watery demise. I guess it happens to everybody at some point… Right?

Here are two images I took while going after a pair of Barred Owls in Everglades National Park. I have Paul Marcellini to thank for telling me about the location. As luck would have it, he and Rick Gomez showed up and we had a good ol’ time trudging through the swamp.


Please click the above image to view larger.

To purchase a print or stock rights, please contact me. Feel free to view more of my work at my website.

Oh yeah, and Happy Easter if you celebrate it.


2 Responses to Update+Barred Owls

  1. flandrumhill says:

    What a beautiful creature! Love the colours. I’ve seen a Barred Owl in the bog behind my home but our setting has such dark greens and greys. Your images look so light and fresh in comparison.

    What a shame that you lost your D300. I have heard of such things happening to photographers around water.

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