Hoar frosted forest, Davis, West Virginia

I’m feeling a bit unsure about this one, and I’d like to hear any of your comments or critiques that you may have. I feel like I won’t get much help from critique forums on this one, since the thumbnail isn’t very flashy looking… If you click the link you can view it really large.



3 Responses to Hoar frosted forest, Davis, West Virginia

  1. I like the composition of the photo.

    The frost on the trees gives a cold sensation as I look at the picture.

    It conveys the biter cold that must have been there that morning.

  2. Chris Kayler says:

    One of my favorite conditions to shoot in. Not a bad shot at all, but I’m thinking I might like it in 4×5 w/ the right most area cropped off? I think it’s mostly because there are some nice vertical lines in the left most 3/4 of the frame, and then only foreground branches. I realize it’s probably used as a leading line into the image, but like I said, I might like it cropped off. Dunno!

    The blue tones I can go either way on – I think most of whether I process something as “crisp and white” or “cold and blue” depends on my mood at the time. It certainly works as blue.

    Overall I give it 1 and a half thumbs up.

  3. Alex Mody says:

    Thanks Chris. I’ve since re-worked it. I’ll show you some time, haha.

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