Finally…. A new post!

Sorry for the lack of update! I’ve been ridiculously busy lately, and haven’t had much time for processing images, posting on this blog, or interacting with the outside world in general. I bet if you searched my blog for “sorry for the recent lack of updates” or something like that, you’d find a dozen hits. Maybe I should stop saying that.

Here’s yet another South Texas bird. This time, a male Golden-fronted Woodpecker. These birds are all over the place down there, and are very easy to photograph. I really like the “over-the-shoulder” look on this bird.


3 Responses to Finally…. A new post!

  1. This is a unique looking woodpecker.

    The head does not look like a woodpecker aside from the long beak.

    Nice clean photo

  2. Excellent. Love that bg color. Hey I forgot about your gloves. I’m sorry. I’m mailing them today. Thanks so much for letting me borrow them.

  3. Alex Mody says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    ForestWander, it sure is a unique one. The only other pecker that resembles it is the Red-Bellied IMO.

    Matthew, thanks. Thanks for returning my gloves. Keep it real. You’re the lord of the wings!

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