Monongahela Sunrise

Hey everybody,

I’m still working my butt off to process these files and get up to date! Here’s an image from a sweet sunrise I shared with Joe Rossbach this past October in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia. This particular overlook is one of my favorites. On this day, we were treated to some awesome valley fog, thanks to a very slight temperature inversion. This image doesn’t show off a whole lot of Autumn color in the mountains, but I still feel like it’s one of my favorites. In my next post, I’ll show you a different shot from the same morning.



3 Responses to Monongahela Sunrise

  1. Kari Post says:

    Did you forget to load the picture? I still want to see some Barnegat images!

  2. josephrossbachphoto says:

    No image dude! Thanks for the props! Joe

  3. Alex Mody says:

    Hey Kari,

    Yes, I did forget. Ha-ha. Fixed! Barnegat shots will be up here… Eventually. I’m catching up in a chronological order. I can’t feel good about processing shots I took now before finishing up with my trip. I’ll make a point of showing you and Chris some, though.


    Thanks for the call or it might have been a day or two before I noticed this. You don’t have to thank me… I try to put links in posts every chance I get. Later!

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