Lost Land Falls Panoramic, Potomac State Forest, Maryland.

Hey everybody,

…the photo processing continues! Looks like weather will prevent me from getting out to Barnegat Light this week. Maybe I’ll try West Virginia if the snow forecast takes a turn for the better… We’ll see. I have to get out and shoot SOMETHING, though.

Anyway, I’ve been having a bit of fun with these autumn panos. Here’s one of Lost Land Falls, from the Potomac State Forest, just outside of Oakland, Maryland. This is an extremely photogenic set of falls and I think I like the 67 megapixel pano treatment here. Let me know if you disagree, though. I’m still not too sure about this one.



7 Responses to Lost Land Falls Panoramic, Potomac State Forest, Maryland.

  1. Kari Post says:

    I really like this Alex. The scene is beautiful and the yellow leaves on either side of the falls balance the pano out nicely. Great work.

  2. Alex Mody says:

    Thanks Kari. I’m still getting used to doing panos. It’s really fun. Good luck in NH.

  3. jj says:

    This is very nice. I’d crop the left edge to near the bigger tree trunks and a little off the right edge too.

  4. Ray says:

    Hey Alex – Ray here. I met you in Yellowstone (traveling in the camper from BC). Very nice to see your work up here – nice job.

    What did you use for your pano? Any special tripod head or just software?


  5. Alex Mody says:

    Hey Ray, Good to hear from you.

    I’m glad you found my blog! To answer your question, I just used Photoshop CS3 to stitch the pano. I hope that helps.

    Talk to you later.

  6. Ray says:

    Thanks – keep up the great work. I enjoy seeing what you’re putting up.

    How many shots were used for the pano?


  7. Alex Mody says:

    No, thank you for taking the time to look. I’m glad to know you’re enjoying it. I used thirteen shots for the stitch, but when I cropped it to the 1×2.5 ratio, I think it ends up being more like ten images.

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