Fall Foliage Pano

Hey everybody,

I don’t do these too often, but here’s a pano I shot back in West Virginia at the beginning of last October. Chris and I returned to these woods multiple times, in just about all imaginable light conditions: overcast, rainy, backlit, and directly lit. This image in particular was shot in bright overcast conditions, which, besides thick fog, are my favorite conditions to photograph fall foliage scenes.

This is a stitch of about 8 vertical images. It’s approximately 12000×5000 in size. Click the image to see it a bit larger than I’d usually post on here.



5 Responses to Fall Foliage Pano

  1. You should do this more often, this pano is just great! The colrs and details are amazing 😉

  2. josephrossbachphoto says:


  3. Kari Post says:

    This is really nice Alex. Great detail and colors.

  4. Alex Mody says:

    Dominic, Joe, and Kari,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. I think I’ve fallen in love with pano shots now that I’ve done one without hating the results. I’m glad you guys like it!

  5. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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