Watching football…

You know, sometimes I question my sanity when I’m in Moab, Utah, and I’m skipping out on a sunset to watch a Redskins game. Hmm. I tried going out to shoot and it just felt wrong. Like how it feels to have a friend from out of town visit, and not being able to see them. Oh well. Go ‘Skins!

Here are two more winter themed shots from Canyonlands National Park a few days ago. The first image is from the Green River overlook. The second is of Washer Woman arch and the La Sal Mountains, taken from Mesa Arch.



4 Responses to Watching football…

  1. Okay you die hard sports fan. Keep that sunset skipping to yourself! I know what you mean though. When I’m in the field too many days in a row it’s easy to get burned out and just need some R and R.

    Your shots continue to amaze.

  2. Roger says:

    As a fellow die hard Skins fan (and your dad) I totally understand! It’s ok to de-compress at times to do something else you enjoy! I’m really digging all the pictures you have posting. The quality of your images have steadily improved as your trip as progressed! Keep up the great work and JK Posting!

  3. modyphoto says:

    Matthew, I will keep it to myself! I don’t think I can really get burned out. It’s just that I HAVE TO watch the Redskins. A day off is nice, though. I didn’t miss any great light. Just decent. I appreciate your kind comments, and I’m going to call you soon to talk about me stopping in OH on the way home to hang out for a little while.

    Dad, I know you understand. I got the bug from you! Glad you like the pictures!

  4. alexames says:

    I understand the football thing – even though I am NOT a Redskins fan. But high school, college, professional football – I’m there! I’ll even take the Redskins if they are playing someone I really don’t like! Yeah, not your typical woman, but I LOVE football!

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