Sandstone Fins

Hey everybody,

Here are some photographs from tonight’s sunset. These shots were taken on Poison Spider Mesa or High Speed Mesa. I’m a bit confused, as I have two books that seem to disagree about the name. This location can only be reached via a not so remote, but very rough 4wd track that was pretty difficult due to ice. Since I still feel like I’m too young to die, I parked the truck and walked the last mile or so. I really love these sandstone fins, and I think the viewpoint I hiked to is definitely one of the more impressive views I have yet to see.



3 Responses to Sandstone Fins

  1. Roger says:

    Stunning pictures! I can only imagine seeing it in real life was far better!

  2. Alex, the first shot ROCKS!!! This is the best shot of Behind the Rocks I think I’ve ever seen. I hope you have time to explore this area more fully – I’d love to see what other perspectives you can get.

  3. modyphoto says:

    Thanks Dad. Maybe you’ll get to see it in real life!

    Angela, Thanks for stopping by the blog. I think Tom Till has a better one, haha. I have the time to explore more back there, but it doesn’t look like the weather will let me. I’m probably going to have to save it for next time I come to the area, which will be during an ice-free time of year.

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