In the Smokies


I’m now in Gatlinburg, TN, grabbing some wi-fi. The fall foliage is not so hot around here, with most areas past peak, green with high amounts of leaf drop, or just simply green! I don’t anticipate staying in this area for too long, but I should stay for a few days and see what the forecasted cold nights will do, as it’s supposed to be in the 20’s a few nights in a row. I think the leaf drop over here has been too great for the color to be very good, though. I’m hoping to catch some good color around the Linville Gorge, which was just starting to turn when I visited last week. I’m also hoping to catch some decent color around southern parts of the state, and even into South Carolina/Georgia before I have to be in Texas on November 7th.

I’m toying with the idea of calling it quits on the Blue Ridge around Nov 1st, and going to shoot somewhere closer to Texas. Maybe the Ozarks, or maybe even the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma (there’s a Buffalo herd in the refuge out there, which would be pretty cool to photograph.) Let me know if you have any ideas!

Here’s a photograph I made from Black Balsam Knob, NC on the morning of the 23rd. I wouldn’t typically compose an image like this, but I feel like it worked in this instance.


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