Sunset at Pendleton Point

Sorry I haven’t been posting so much lately. I’ve been shooting Fall color in West Virginia and Western Maryland. My Mother and Girlfriend both visited me as well, at separate times, so I have had little to no computer time. I’m currently in Flatwoods, West Virginia grabbing some wi-fi on a quick break from driving. I’m headed south, to shoot for a day or two in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Virginia before heading for NC/TN.

Here’s a photograph I made a few days back at Pendleton Point in Blackwater Falls State Park, WV. It was a perfectly clear day and these clouds rolled in about thirty minutes before sunset. I’d call it one of the best sunsets I’ve photographed. Probably even top 5. I just love how vibrant the foliage was in the canyon.


2 Responses to Sunset at Pendleton Point

  1. Totally amazing shot. I just love it. I’m checking your blog like twice a day hoping to see a wood duck shot 🙂

  2. modyphoto says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It was a crazy sunset, for sure. I’ll post a few Wood Ducks up here soon.

    15 species… I mean it!

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