More Shenandoah!

This is another from the Shenandoah outing with Chris and Kari. I know we’d all prefer a more photogenic foreground in this photo, but photographing this sunset was a spur-of-the-moment deal and I made the most of what I had available to me! I do like the inclusion of the sun in my shot, but I still feel like it may be missing something. Oh well. Don’t be a stranger, feel free to say something if you so desire!

2 Responses to More Shenandoah!

  1. Chris Kayler says:

    This is not bad! I would have thought the foreground very uninteresting, but it actually works well here.

    The forecast for West VA is looking good! Not that they can predict things this far in advance …

  2. modyphoto says:

    Hey Chris,

    It’s not bad, but it’s not too great either if you ask me. I think it does a good job capturing that “late summer” feeling, but it’s not a stellar image by any means. Yes, the forecast does look good. I’m gonna call you sometime soon so we can go over some details. Looks like Wednesday will be our waterfall day.

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