More Great Falls!

In this post you’ll see yet another shot from one of my many Great Falls sunrises with Chris Kayler. On this particular morning, the sky was fairly overcast, and the color never really came out any more then this. I still think this was a nice scene. It was on this morning that I came across a really attractive bit of lichens on the overlook rocks that I hope to utilize with better light.

3 Responses to More Great Falls!

  1. What a great image! I like the softness of the color and the action of the water…well captured 😉

  2. Amazing photo.
    A very nice composition with excellent use of exposure time to create a dreamy soft atmosphere.
    well done!

  3. modyphoto says:

    Dominic and Framedandshot,

    Thanks for coming by. I’m glad you both have enjoyed the shot. The color was quite subtle, and I went for a longer exposure to blur the sky, perhaps giving me a slightly more interesting sky. I still wish I had a darker ND filter, because then I’d be able to get it even more blurred.

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