Bull Moose

I took this photo in early June as well, up in Maine. I was at Sandy Stream Pond, in Baxter State Park, Maine. I had completely overlooked this image, just like the rainbow I posted earlier. I had just written off my attempts at photographing a Bull Moose as a failure. I now feel differently about the matter.

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3 Responses to Bull Moose

  1. I just discovered your blog, your website and your amazing images! You art is very inpiring for me! Ill be back often đŸ™‚

  2. modyphoto says:

    Well, thanks Dominic! I’m glad to know that you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my photographs. I just stopped by your blog and it looks very nice as well. I’d have more to say but I don’t know any French. Great images though.

  3. Rodney Rogers says:

    Yes he was a big one. He was one of two big ones that week. Will you be coing back in june of 09? I think I’m going back for 3 weeks in june. Enjoy your work and it was fun metting you in Maine.

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